Sunday, April 21, 2013

How to improve a relationship

Are you in a serious relationship and have no idea how to improve your relationship? Has your once endless passion suddenly been taken away? Most couples have been in a relationship that has lost that flame of lust and passion, and instead been replaced by the same routine day in and day out. How do you get that back, and if so can you make it last. New relationships lose that lust while some may take years, but when it happens what actions can you take. Women are emotional and enjoy different activities than us guys. What I have are five ways to help partners make it past those rocky parts.

The first step to improve you relationship is understanding. Not just understanding what a person is trying to say, but to understand a persons feelings. For me basic conversation with my partner helps improve our relationship by reading her body language. Women want men to know them without them saying anything so we need read signs of problems or stress. If your partner seems stressed offer a glass of wine or to fix them a nice relaxing bath. Turn on some relaxing music and massage their shoulders or back to ease any tension. Make it seem as if you know what they need before they ask. Click here to read the full article

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