Sunday, April 21, 2013

How to create mt own web store?


As the owner of my own online web store I can tell you that making money online is a slow a steady process.  There is choosing a domain name, picking products, selling for the right price, shipping, and customer service.  If you are new to making money online all of this is can be a bit nerve racking, Well don't worry you are not alone. Millions each year choose to open their own online web store, but many fail within the first few months without the proper knowledge. That was me until I used the 12 step web store program. Each step provides valuable knowledge that will take you to the very top of the industry. The 12 step web store program has been previewed on MSNBC, Facebook, and more. The program is used by many of the top sellers on Amazon and Ebay now it will take you to the top.


The program is exactly as it sounds. There are 12 videos each of which is step to success for anyone with a web store or inspiring to own their own.  The program will show you how to find products to promote, choose keywords, pick a domain, writing product reviews, link building and more.  I can not tell you how much the 12 step program has helped me. After implementing what I learned from the 12 step web store program My business went from 1-2 orders a week to over 100 in a one month time frame.  After the success from my store I choose to also sell on Amazon and am now one of the top sellers on the site. If you ever wondered how the top sellers on Ebay and Amazon got there this is why.  Try it for your self and watch your earnings rise. Click here for a demo of the program.

How to improve a relationship

Are you in a serious relationship and have no idea how to improve your relationship? Has your once endless passion suddenly been taken away? Most couples have been in a relationship that has lost that flame of lust and passion, and instead been replaced by the same routine day in and day out. How do you get that back, and if so can you make it last. New relationships lose that lust while some may take years, but when it happens what actions can you take. Women are emotional and enjoy different activities than us guys. What I have are five ways to help partners make it past those rocky parts.

The first step to improve you relationship is understanding. Not just understanding what a person is trying to say, but to understand a persons feelings. For me basic conversation with my partner helps improve our relationship by reading her body language. Women want men to know them without them saying anything so we need read signs of problems or stress. If your partner seems stressed offer a glass of wine or to fix them a nice relaxing bath. Turn on some relaxing music and massage their shoulders or back to ease any tension. Make it seem as if you know what they need before they ask. Click here to read the full article

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Writing is a good way to make money

If you are viewing this article then you are one of millions of writers online who love what we do.  While making money from writing has been around for may years, companies and various sites are looking for writers to post articles and blogs for them as well as just by writers posting their own articles.  Turn your passion into a steady steam of income all of which takes less than an hour a day.  Let your opinions be heard by the world, write about what you want to.  Click here to start earning extra money.

Friday, April 19, 2013

How to treat REM sleep disorders?

In order to diagnosis rem sleep behavior disorder you should ask you doctor for a polysomnogram, which is used to diagnosis this disorder and rule out periodic limb movementssleep apnea, and other sleeping disorders. The doctor may also run other test for any other associated sleeping problems. The good news is that rem sleep behavior disorder can be treated with medication. Clonazepam can be used to suppress REM sleep and inhibit physical activity during sleep. This treatment has been found to be successful in 90% of cases of rem sleeping disorders. Safety measures should be implemented to maintain a safe sleeping environment. Think about padding bed post, add padding to walls and other furniture if needed. If the behavior becomes to violent, you may want to consider sleeping in separate beds until your partner is able to seek treatment for their sleeping problem.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

In a struggling economy one of the hardest things to do is to learn how to save money. With all of the ads, half off sales, and of buy one get one sales going on we often avoid ways to save money. We have to use self discipline when it comes to saving money, and understand how saving money can benefit us. Our nature is if we see it and we like it, then we have to have it. How can we allow ourselves to buy a cup of coffee every morning, but not set the same amount of money aside to save money for a rainy day. In a report done by the average American family saving is about $3800, but there are also about 25% of Americans who do not have a savings account at all. The report also showed that only about 38% of Americans have emergency funds to fall back on. Ask yourself this question, if you lost your job today do you have enough money to survive until you found another one. What I'm going to be giving you today are some ways to save money and strategies that I did not always follow, but once I did it changed my life forever.

First things first, in order to start to save money you must develop a strong willpower to say no. With the constant advertising that you are hit with on a daily basis, you must resist the temptation to buy unnecessary items in you day to day life. The spontaneous but is one of the top things stores count on to make sales. They put candy and drinks at the checkouts to attract you or you kids to buy a little something extra that you may not be counting on. At the end of the day it all adds up. In order to save you must cut down on some of your spending. Take a look at your month to month bank account and see if there are some constant items that you may be able to do with out, or cut back on. We have to reverse our mind frame from constant spending to save money. If there are some shoes or an outfit that you have been looking at, check online and see who has that item at the lowest price. Make it a game with the whole family, and see who save money each day. These are some great ways to get started on the right path.

How long can the Lakers survive without Kobe?


     While having a starting lineup showcasing two seven footers in the low post would be a blessing for most teams, the Lakers have struggled this season with their twin towers in the game. Much of this has to do with the lack of playing time together and lack of space in the low post. Howard is a back to the basket post up and drive type of center, while Gasol has more of a polished all around game. The team lacks speed and young talent to compete with the west coast style of play showcased by the ThunderClippers, and Nuggets. The best match ups that the Lakers can wish for are the Spurs and Memphis who play more of a half court game. Click here to read the full story.